Royals not big draw card for show-goers

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This year’s Sydney Royal Easter Show may have had an extra touch of royal but the presence of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge failed to attract above-average crowds.


The two-week show, which comes to a close on Wednesday, attracted 850,000 people, with about 100,000 of those attending for William and Kate’s visit on Good Friday.

Chief operating officer Michael Collins said that figure was surprisingly low.

“That’s pretty standard for a Good Friday to be honest,” he told AAP on Wednesday.

“We probably thought more people would have shown up to see them.”

But the royals did have tough competition for attention.

About 25,000 primped and pampered animals called the showgrounds home at Sydney’s Olympic Park for the 14-day event.

Mr Collins said the livestock and agriculture displays were popular among farmers and city-slickers alike, with the country folk using the show as a chance to get a break.

“For many of these (farmers) it’s the only time they get off during the year so they want to come see their old mates,” he said.

Aside from the popular wood-chop action and the showbag pavilion, the animal competitions drew strong crowds.

“A lot of people are interested in seeing that side of the show … I think its popularity is growing.”

The show also appeals to overseas visitors with more than 21,000 tickets sold to tourists through tour operators and airlines in Asia, Mr Collins said.

“They love the wood chop, they love shopping and they love the really big animals,” he said.

About 1.4 million showbags were sold over the two weeks, with Bertie Beetle, Darrell Lea and Monopoly being the top sellers.

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